Resident Evil 5 DLC

By NightStalkar, 9 years ago
Recently PS3 owners who have already snagged a copy of RE5 have been hit with a nice surprise. Capcom has accidentally revealed their upcoming content through early release of trophies and through mentions of alternate game modes in their official strategy guide. It is confirmed that we will be getting the same DLC on live and that it will be free of charge. The achievement list has not been confirmed, but at this point it can generally be assumed that they will be the same as the newly uploaded trophies.

So what exactly does this free content do?
From what we can tell, the content appears to expand the online options, adding new game modes entitled "Slayers," "Survivors," "Team Slayers," "Team Survivors," and "Versus."

Exact details on the content and when it is expected to hit have not been released, so check back here for details as soon as they are.