Blur Celebrates Halloween Weekend with 2x Fans

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
During the summer it seemed that every weekend brought about a double XP event for a different game. Not once did my lovely Blur get to shine with its own double fan weekend. Finally my wish has come true as Activision announced today that Blur will have a double fan weekend starting Friday, October 29th and lasting through Sunday, October 31st.

In addition to double fans, Activision has set up three "Game with the Developers" events throughout the weekend. The first event is specifically aimed at UK gamers as it takes place 7-10 PM GMT (which is 2-5 PM EST) on Friday, October 29th. The second event is later that same night, timed this time for American gamers, from 8 to 11 PM EST. The Gamertags to look out for are BlurDev1, BlurDev11 and OneOfSwords.

I for one, will be playing Blur until I get those last few levels to hit Legend Mode. While not as prestigious as gaming with a game developer, you might just end up gaming with a Newshound!