King's Quest Details, Screens, & Gameplay Video

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
We’ve been bringing you a steady stream of information as it appears for Sierra and The Odd Gentleman’s upcoming release of King's Quest. Most recently, we covered the game’s music. This latest round touches on all fronts with game details, screenshots, and even a gameplay video.

We now know that Kings Quest is actually a five-part story, with the first chapter, “A Knight to Remember”, set to release this coming July.  In case you missed that, this means that King’s Quest will actually be an episodic, five-part release.

The chapter begins with King Graham reminiscing with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, about his life of heroism.  The aim is to allow players to play through these musings, reliving the life that formed the king’s life and the kingdom around him.  It follows a much younger Graham in his days as a knight, battling other knights, a dragon, and his own eagerness to join King Edward’s court.  We also get to hear some of the well-voiced dialogue from the excellent recording cast.

Check out the screenshots and gameplay video below to see what lies in store for fans of the kingdom.

E3 Screenshot 1

E3 Screenshot 2

E3 Screenshot 3

E3 Screenshot 4

E3 Screenshot 5

E3 Screenshot 6

This first chapter in King’s Quest, “A Knight to Remember”, is set to release this July on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
Joseph C
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