For Honor Details, Art, and Screenshots

By Lexley Ford, 2 years ago
Ubisoft’s newly announced IP, For Honor, takes place in an alternate time period akin to that of the Dark Ages, a time of endless conflict between the title’s three warring factions. After unveiling the title earlier this week, Ubisoft has now released a selection of new details on the game as well as concept art and screenshots.

For Honor Key Art

For Honor will give players an unprecedented level of control over their actions on the battlefield thanks to the Art of Battle control scheme. The Art of Battle gives players complete control over their weapon and their defence. The system has been designed to be precise and accessible, by moving the right stick, the Hero will move their weapon to that area of their body, “You choose where to block, you choose where to attack. You can bluff, you can strategize, and you can adapt on the fly.” Art of Battle makes it so that players will “feel more directly the power of your strike” to help deliver an incredibly immersive experience.

For Honor Concept Art 1

For Honor Concept Art 2

For Honor Concept Art 3

While the unveiling of For Honor during Ubisoft’s E3 conference was accompanied by Multiplayer gameplay, Ubisoft has stated that the title will have a Single-player campaign, though details of this will be coming at a later date.

The first multiplayer mode Ubisoft has revealed is Dominion, a tense 4v4 objective-based multiplayer battle where player fight alongside teams of NPCs. To win the match, teams need to defeat enemies and take control of specific zones to reach 1,000 points.

Killing NPCs and enemy players rewards hard points, which are permanent, while controlling each of the zones rewards soft points, which will be lost if a team loses control over an area. These scoring mechanics have the potential to create turnovers during matches, “building tension” until the match's Breaking phase. Once the enemy team has been Broken, their players can't respawn and at that point it’s time to wipe them out to secure victory.

For Honor Screen 1

For Honor Screen 2

For Honor Screen 3

For Honor Screen 4

For Honor Screen 5

For Honor Screen 6

For Honor Screen 7

For Honor Screen 8

For Honor Screen 9

For Honor Screen 10

For Honor Screen 11

For Honor will be released sometime in Early 2016. For a chance to win a custom skinned Xbox One, you can register your interest here.
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