Trackmania Turbo Details and Screenshots

By Ellis Spice, 2 years ago
Announced at Ubisoft's E3 conference, Trackmania Turbo is set to bring the high-speed gravity-defying driving familiar with those who've played the Trackmania series on PC to the Xbox One later this year. Today Ubisoft have detailed some of the features coming to this console version of the time trial racer, including the environments, campaign mode and more.

Four environments will feature in Trackmania Turbo - Rollercoaster Lagoon, a tropical paradise full of sunny beaches and magnetic rollercoaster tracks; International Stadium, an indoor arena that'll require precision driving; Canyon Grand Drift, a North American area for drafting; and Down & Dirty Valley, a hilly countryside where air control is key. All of these environments will feature in the game's campaign mode, which contains 200 tracks over five difficulty levels, and can be built upon using the game's track building toolbox, where players can create custom tracks or quickly generate random tracks.

The game also features a new mode, 'Double Driver', which challenges two players to work together and control the same car with two controllers. Alongside this the game also has a new systemic music feature, with the music intensity and drops tied to the racing taking place on screen.

Alongside the release of these details, a bundle of artwork and screenshots of the game in action have also been released:

Artwork 1

Artwork 2

Artwork 3

Artwork 4

Artwork 5

Screens 1

Screens 2

Screens 3

Screens 4

Screens 5

Screens 6

Screens 7

Screens 8

Screens 9

Screens 10

Screens 11

Screens 12

Screens 13

Screens 14

Screens 15

Screens 16

Trackmania Turbo is set to ride onto the Xbox One on November 26th in Europe, November 27th in the UK and December 1st in North America..
Ellis Spice
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