Scanner Update

By Rich Stone, 8 years ago
Good morning all

I've finished the re-write of the scanners following the re-design of

Things have changed dramatically, and it's been a hard task to match all the old game and achievement information with the new layout, but it's now pretty much done.

Because everything has changed so much, I'm scared of setting all the scanners off again and get letting them get on with it until I'm 100% sure that the achievements won't get duped up. For this reason I am only running the donator scanner on my dev machine for the next few hours. I have several checks in place to alert me when things don't match as expected, and these will be easier to troubleshoot from this PC.

There are numerous problems that have arisen from the changes that will have an affect on TA.

1) DLC will cause problems. This is the biggy. Because there's no way to distinguishing different secret achievements any more, if a DLC pack is released that has secret achievements in a game that also has secret achievements, it's going to be a nightmare to match them up. I have an algorithm in mind for this, but until I've written it scanning of games with new DLC will be disabled - currently this affects Red Dead Redemption and Hellboy: The Science of Evil. I will add messages to disabled game pages to say that they are "offline".

I'm hoping to get this algorithm written in the next day or 2.

2) We no longer know the gamerscore of an achievement that no one has won. This is a slightly odd change on, and means that there will be a question mark against achievements that we don't know the score for. This will only be noticable on new games.

3) Game images aren't 64x64 tiles any more. All I have to work with now are box art cover images, and these don't look as good in the neat square icons we have throughout TA. I've done my best to auto-crop these on the new games, but they might look a little rubbish compared to the old ones - nothing I can do on this one really.

4) Recent games lists - games are now listed in alphabetical order rather than in the order you last played them on - I have done my best to code round this, but the order might be a little flaky.

5) Achievements wins no longer contain time info - this means your feeds may not be as accurate in regard to the order that achievements appear to be won.

There may well be other things that crop up (you might see some missing images kicking about for a while).

I'll keep forced scanning disabled for now until I'm happy with the whole process, but I'll post again when that happens.

Right, I need to go take a shower, it's been a long night!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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