Import Screenshots From Your Xbox One

By Rich Stone, 2 years ago
Hi people!

I hope you've recovered from the E3 madness (and if you want to hear my thoughts on E3, check out our latest podcast).

As you probably know if you have an Xbox One, Microsoft recently added the ability to take screenshots while playing games on your console.

We've just added a new button that allows you to import those screenshots into your solutions, reviews or blog:

New import Xbox media button on your toolbarNew import Xbox media button on your toolbar

This will go off to Xbox and pull back your screenshots for that game if you are writing a solution, or all your screenshots if you are writing a blog post:

Screenshot selectorScreenshot selector

There's also links to pull your GameClips in here as well.

Backwards Compatible games
Hopefully you heard the news about Xbox 360 games becoming playable on Xbox One due to backwards compatibility from E3. This means that supported games will also be able to have screenshots and game clips inserted into your solutions and blogs!

We've added a panel on Game Information pages that tell you which games are currently backwards compatible:

New Backwards Compatible Game InfoNew Backwards Compatible Game Info

And to make it easier to find them, we've also added new filters to the Full Games List - including the return of the Kinect Support filter.

New Games List filtersNew Games List filters

Have a great weekend!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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