Dontnod Details Their Upcoming RPG Vampyr

By Mark Delaney,
Once upon a time Dontnod Entertainment was an unknown rookie studio working on a game called Remember Me. That title, though not a commercial blockbuster, earned praises from industry voices for its stunning environments and unique gameplay features. They followed that up with Life is Strange, the ongoing episodic sci-fi coming of age story once again earning the admiration of gamers eager to see where Max Caulfield's story goes next. Their third game was revealed recently in a concept teaser. It's called Vampyr, and it merges the demands of an RPG with the narrative of a gothic horror tale.

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Set almost one hundred years ago in 20th century Britain, players will get to witness life and death amid the plague history would later refer to as the Spanish Flu. From the chaos of an infected count reaching 500 million and a body count approaching 100 million worldwide, we'll come to find the true threat is vampires, lurking in the shadows of London and preying on the few who might be foolish or delirious enough to venture outside. Players take the role of Jonathan Reid, Dontnod's first male protagonist, a military surgeon returning home after surviving World War I only to be stricken with the curse of vampirism.

Walking the streets of London, you'll meet many characters, each with their own agendas and quests for you to perform. You can approach these how you want but, being a vampire, don't forget to feed. Whose blood you consume is up to you, anybody can be your next meal, but bear in mind that whomever you choose is dead and with them dies any information, quests, and anything else that might have been of use to you.

Combat combines melee, distance shooting, and the supernatural abilities afforded to you by being a bloodsucker. Enemies will consist of varied types of other vampires as well as vampire hunters who'll do anything to wipe out what they perceive to be an abomination. Your health bar and energy used to perform vampiric abilities in combat are one in the same, so you'll need to strategically feed during combat to replenish your own strength. There'll also be a crafting system wherein you search for materials and loot bodies to enhance your tools at your disposal.

We should hear a lot more on the game in the coming months, especially after the studio concludes their work on Life is Strange. For now they're eyeing a 2017 release for Xbox One.

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Mark Delaney
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