SMITE Patch Detailed

By Devin McIntyre, 2 years ago
Hi-Rez Studios have announced that they will be bringing the Sly Messenger patch to SMITE on the Xbox One. This patch includes a handful of things, from a new game mode, Assault, which was often seen as the match of the day, to a new God, Ratatoskr, a melee assassin from the Norse pantheon; and most importantly, achievements. SMITE will be getting 59 achievements for 1,000 GS, some of which will be retroactive, so you won't have to worry about going back and starting over in order to unlock some of them. All these additions and more are outlined in the patch overview video from Hi-Rez, followed by a long list of patch notes:

New Xbox Features

- 59 Achievements are now available to unlock in Versus modes.
- Some achievements will be unlocked due to previous progress made before the patch update.

- Collect the Smite awards by accomplishing various in game tasks.
- Show off your top four awards on your player profile.

Assault Mode
- It’s here! The one lane, 5v5, random God Select Mode where you can only get back to base after you God is killed.

Loading Frames
- known Issue - Selected loading frames are not applied properly.

- Pedestals are currently available through promo codes and through the one time account transfer (PC-> Xbox 1).

Booster Packs
- Purchase a booster pack to increase favor, XP, and worshipper gain rate by 100%, 25%, and 25% respectively.

Treasure chest rework
- known Issue - Accepting a match queue prompt while in the treasure chest menu can lead to loss of controller functionality.

Encryption for backend information
Summer of Smite event
- Participate in the Summer of Smite to unlock bonus collection rewards and contribute to the prize pool for Season 2 eSports.

The Events Center
- The Event Center has been added to the home page. In the Event Center, you can find all your bonuses and rewards for various things. Daily Login Bonuses, Special Event Items, bonuses for leveling up your account, and much more! Check out the Event Center to start claiming your rewards.
- Removing the old store and completing the new store
- Updating the tutorial to work with the new store style
- Old store UI is used for the item builder and browser on the main menu.
- Tweaked Marketplace Art and Organization

Anubis Redo

- Anubis has undergone a major visual update.

New God Ratatoskr

New God Skins

- G.I.Zhong Zhong Kui
- Crikeydile Sobek
- Hunkules Hercules
- Beach Babe Aphrodite
- Flurry Ratatoskr
- Solid Hornet Ah Muzen Cab
- Killer Bee Ah Muzen Cab
- Boom Chaac-a-laka Chaac
- Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna

New God Cards

- Standard Isis
- Anubis Standard
- Anubis Nightwalker

New Voice Packs

- G.I. Zhong Zhong Kui
- Crikeydile Sobek
- Hunkules Hercules
- Beach Babe Aphrodite
- Ratatoskr
- Solid Hornet Ah Muzen Cab
- Kumbhalayan Yeti Kumbhakarna

New Emotes

- Ah Puch Wave and Clap
- Ratatoskr Wave and Clap
- Anubis Clap and Wave

New Ward Skins and Player Icons

- Sharky Icon


- Increased range at which you receive Gold and Experience from minions and jungle camps from 60 to 80.
- Increased Gold Bounty cap limit from 500g to 750g


- Added icon on Arena minimap for when the Friendly/Enemy Siege Tower appears.
- Fixed buff camps sometimes getting stuck around corners.
- Joust - Fixed Buff holders not respawning in the center.
- Fixed gods showing underneath pedestals in the match lobby.
- Fixed not earning No Scope Accolade during Xbalanque Ultimate.
- Buying player icons will now auto equip them.
- Fixed Esports skins missing Crowd Control immune glow on t-shirts.


Achilles’ Spear
- Reduced Cooldown from 90s to 30s.
- Now only increases damage taken by 30% from gods only.

Bancroft’s Talon
- Now updates Basic Attack damage on the HUD as you gain or lose magic power.

Shielded Teleport
- Fixed an issue where Janus Portal could cause Shielded Teleport to not use cooldown.

Soul Reaver
- Fixed the Passive not always applying to the maximum target with Nu Wa Fire Shards.

Talaria Boots
No longer provides bonus Experience.

Travelers Shoes
No longer provides bonus Experience.
Reduced Magical Power from +30 to +20

Watcher’s Gift
Passive range increased from 60 to 80

Gods - Balance/Updates/Fixes

- Fixed an issue where his cooldowns were not showing up on tooltips.

Ah Muzen Cab
- Fixed Solid Hornet skin playing Standard voice when retrieving Stinger.

Ah Puch
- Fixed glowing fx persisting after death.
- Fixed emote VVGG ending abruptly.
- Undead Surge
- Updated accuracy on surging Corpses targeters.
- Addressed the ability not properly going on cooldown sometimes.
- Fixed heal not correctly being applied, but still played fx.
Fleeting Breath
- Damage reduced from 32/34/36/38/40 to 25/28/31/34/37 per tick.
Empty the Crypts
- Duration reduced from 8 to 6s.
- known Issue: Purple Fog Persisting for the full 8 seconds.

Desert Fury
- Fixed ground targeter only highlighting the first target.

- Removed reference to “Resolve”, an old mechanic.
- Now applies 30% Crowd Control Reduction and abides by the 40% cap.

Ao Kuang
King’s Sword
- Fixed 2 energy charges being consumed when out of Mana and using King of the Eastern Seas.
Water Illusion
- Fixed the ground target highlight range being too short.

- Fixed Web fx disappearing too early.

Preemptive Strike
- Fixed the ground target highlighting enemies behind the first target.
- Fixed block fx not playing if hit with Basic Attacks twice in a row.

- Fixed issue where the first hit causing her to enter combat does NOT receive the benefit from the increased power.
- Fixed Healing and Mana Potions causing her to enter combat.
Moonlight Charge
- Fixed from triggering Magi’s Blessing and Spirit Robe passives when ability does NOT knockup.
Gravity Surge
- Grants immunity to knock up, root, and slows.
- Duration increased to 6s.

- Can no longer emote during Regurgitate with the Death Machine and Feaster Bunny skins.
- Updated tooltip to show how much damage minions deal.
- Reduced damage dealt by minions from 20 to 15 per attack

Refraction Shield
- Fixed a Mana and Cooldown cancel issue.

- Fixed ability instantly exploding on the Titan.

- Fixed jump (spacebar) animation appearing twitchy on land.

- Kawaii Pop Pounce plays correct sounds :3

Shield Bash
- Now only provides block stacks from hitting gods on initial hit.
Eagle’s Rally
- Reduced duration from 6/8/10/12/14s to 6/7/8/9/10s.

Tectonic Shift
- Walls now appear instantly.

- Increased Base Physical Protection from 13 to 14.
- HP per level increased from 77 to 80
- Base ground speed increased from 370 to 375
- Increased Magical Protection scaling per level from 0 to 0.9.

Dispel Magic
- Fixed Crowd Control immunity removing Magical Protection debuff.

- Fixed exploit getting gods on top of collisions.

Acid Spray
- Fixed inaccuracies with cone targeter.
- Reduced projectile range from 55 to 40
- Reduced spray cone angle from 90 to 70
- Fixed the ground target highlighting enemies behind the first target.
- Reduced Movement Speed Slow if your target is not looking at you from 50% at all ranks to 20/25/30/35/40%

- Executioner Nemesis now has Crowd Control immunity glow.
Passive - Scales of Fate
- Nemesis now gains the flat value of the power she steals now, rather than percentage of her existing power. In addition, enemies now appropriately only lose item power.

Nu Wa
Mysterious Fog
- Fixed the description not displaying the correct damage over time.

- Fixed 3 Achievements: Final Form; Cleanup Crew; and Kaboom! not being granted when using Lunge + Raven Shout together.
Ring of Spears
- Fixed ranks 2 and 3 not granted Root immunity.

- HP gain per level increased from 80 to 85
- HP5 gain per level increased to from .7 to .8
- Base Physical Protection increased from 15 to 17

Astral Arrow
- Fixed the Piercing sound fx not playing.

Through The Cosmos
- Ratatoskr will now land at the last valid targeted location if the ability times out while targeting a non-valid location.
- Reduced damage from 250/330/410/490/570 to 200/260/320/380/440.
- Reduced scaling from 100% to 70%
- Reduced maximum time on one branch from 4 to 3s.
- Now marks all targets hit instead of just one target per Dash. Hitting a marked target at any time will cause Dart to not reset its Cooldown.
Opal Acorn
- Reduced scaling from 70% to 55%.
Acorn Blast
Emerald Acorn
- Reduced maximum number of hits that trigger a heal from 5 to 4.
Sapphire Acorn
- Reduced damage from 30/35/40/45/50 to 10/15/20/25/30.
- Reduced scaling from 60% to 40%.
Blue Acorn
- Reduced Physical Power from 30 to 25.
Yellow Acorn
- Reduced Physical Power from 30 to 25.
Sapphire Acorn
- Reduced Physical Penetration from +15 to +10.
Emerald Acorn
- Reduced Physical Penetration from +15 to +10.

- Sylvanus’ Basic Attacks no longer knockback minions.

Passive - Harvester of Souls
- Fixed an issue where the heal was granted for the previously killed target instead of the last.

Wield Axes/Bow
- Switching stances now removes Disarm.

- Fixed some Shinobalanque sound fx heard on Standard skins.

- Fixed lightning bolt in lobby misbehaving.

Zhong Kui
- Fixed Basic Attack trails showing green fx from Standard skin.
The Sly Messenger patch will be coming to SMITE on June 25th, and for anyone who has yet to get into the closed beta but still want to check out the game, the open beta will begin July 8th so everyone will be able to play SMITE for free.
Credit for this story goes to Moat Carp
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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