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By Rebecca Smith, 4 years ago
One of the little known facts about me is that I used to be a rollerblader, albeit a bad one. As I grew older, an overwhelming sense of self-preservation pushed me away from the sport that I once loved and I turned to games to try to scratch that itch. Titles like Aggressive Inline and Rolling were perfect. Then the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 came along and rollerblading titles faded into obscurity. While fun, skateboarding and snowboarding titles never had as much meaning and the re-release of Jet Set Radio wasn't quite what I had in mind. Developer Jelle Van den Audenaeren, himself a rollerblader since 1997, had the same feeling but there was a difference: he decided to make his own game. Developed together with his team, Creative Concepts, his new rollerblading title will be making its way to Xbox One and Xbox 360. Meet On a Roll.

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The game will include an extensive trick library with "all possible grinds, spins, some flip tricks, manual tricks and grabs". Over the next few months, the developer hopes to be able to add every possible trick that you would be able to dream up -- "think quick foottaps, smoothly cess sliding into a grind, bunny hopping a ledge and onto a rail".

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Of course, all of these tricks wouldn't be possible if you relied upon different button combos. This has meant a slightly different approach to controlling the in-game skater that uses the two analogue sticks. As an example, while grinding the direction of each foot will be controlled by the direction of the analogue sticks.

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Creative Concepts is aiming for a high degree of realism in the title that has already involved motion capture sessions with pro skaters Antony Pottier and Manon Derrien. The team has also taken 3D scans to look of each skater whose movements and styles have already been recorded. By the time that the game reaches release, it is hoped that the following skaters will also be included: Montre Livingston, Richie Eisler, Chris Haffey, Alex Broskow, CJ Welssmore, Nils Jansons, Coco Sanchez, Robert Guerrero, Mathieu Ledoux, Stephanie Richer, Aaron Feinberg, Billy O'Neill, Chris Farmer, Sean Kelso and Brian Shima.


If you don't feel like tackling the game as a pro skater, you can take on the world as your own custom skater. The in-game editor will allow players to change their avatar's face, bodytype, skin colour, clothing, accessories and skate styles. You'll even be able to customise your skates down to the frames, wheels and bearings.

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The game offers a massive open world for players to explore and skate. As well as the three skateparks that will be available, players will be able to skate at diverse locations such as the suburbs, local college, film studio, storm water drains, abandoned waterpark and even mountain roads. Although there is just under two days left on the game's Kickstarter campaign, funding is close to reaching the first stretch goal, which would be the ability to add your own props, such as rails and ramps, to the skate spots if you need help hitting that perfect line. Check out the campaign page if you want to try and make that happen.

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Although they haven't been detailed, the game will also include local and online multiplayer modes when it is released on consoles. Although a release date hasn't been confirmed, the Kickstarter rewards suggest that the game is targeting a September 2016 release.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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