Hinterland Games' Founder Talks Game Preview

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
One of the biggest additions to the Xbox One is the Game Preview program. Similar to Steam's Early Access, gamers can buy into indie titles while they're in alpha and are encouraged to become a vocal member of the game's community, reporting on bugs and handing off suggestions to the studios while getting the game way earlier than its official launch. One of two titles that released with the new program is Hinterland Studios' The Long Dark, a first person survival game where your empty stomach and cold feet are as much a threat as the wolves in the woods. Xbox Wire caught up with studio founder and Creative Director Raphael van Lierop to discuss the new open development platform on Xbox One, as well as the game's unforgiving design.

van Lierop spoke of the game's aim to eliminate empty rewards and a messy HUD -- poor aspects of modern gaming in his opinion. When your character is really cold, you see his or her breath on the screen rather than a "temperature meter". Visual cues over time will familiarize players with what they are meant to look out for; nothing is given to you easily. Currently the Game Preview version of the game offers the sandbox survival mode of The Long Dark, and players who buy into the title now will receive the full game, including the episodic story content, when it releases later this year.

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For the full interview, head to Xbox Wire. You can also find plenty more coverage here on TA. The Game Preview version is currently priced at $19.99 with a full release slated for Windows 10 and Xbox One. There is also a 60 minute trial available for download, just pack a sweater.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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