The Division Goes Into Dark Details

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
We've covered a whole ton of news over the past couple of years for Ubisoft's highly anticipated Tom Clancy's The Division, with the game still too far away from its release date, but yet, so much more closer at the same time. With the details coming in at a much thicker and faster rate, the title's executive producer Fred Rundqvis, spoke with and took the time to go over details on the Dark Zone, the hostile area we saw displayed at this year's E3 event.

Within the upcoming PvP area, players will be able to take on the Dark Zone alone, as part of a team or as Fred states - "as a rogue agent hell-bent on securing the Dark Zone’s extra-special loot drops all for themselves". We saw a fine example of betrayal in the E3 video and players are fully aware that the Dark Zone is a lawless area. Work as a team, but betray or take on other players and teams at your own risk!

Despite that what we saw of The Division during E3 seemed to indicate that playing with a solid and trustworthy team would be much more beneficial than hunting solo, not having that many friends on your Xbox LIVE list isn't going to lessen your experience with the game. Players will have the opportunity to meet other players in the world and also be match made with other players. Those brave enough to venture into the Dark Zone alone will not be "totally overwhelmed". Enemies will scale appropriately to offer a fair challenge to the lone wolf or a large team. Fred goes on to confirm that the game will be just as enjoyable rolling solo:

It’ll be your choice to work with other players, or against them. The Division is a loot and progression driven game, so the main reason to engage another player in combat within the Dark Zone is to take the loot that they’re carrying and use it for yourself.
The temptation to turn on other players may need to be resisted! Once a player has turned rogue, that player will be flagged to other agents in the area. If the rogue player is taken down, the successful shooter will gain extra bounty that will be on offer for the rogue agents head, be awarded extra XP, and can take their pick of the loot the rogue agent had stolen. Fred advises future agents to make their decision carefully:

So the game is more balanced than just being a free-for-all – you have you decide if it’s worth it, who you’ll be up against and the strength of your team before you go rogue and engage another player.
Some players may be thinking about how they are going to approach their new life in The Division and how they want to play the game. Are you going to try to max out this or that class, become a master sniper, or be the ultimate rogue? Maybe you want to be the life-saving medic or the guns-blazing, heavy damage-dealing aggressor. It won't matter as players won't be locked into specific classes or loadouts. Fred goes onto to dub the game's style as "classless":

We like to think of The Division as a ‘classless’ game – you’ll unlock stills and talents as you level up and then you can specialise in a specific path. Or you can try to follow them all and level up that way and switch between them
Fred continues to deliver more details in the new video that has also been released where Anne Lewis from UbiBlog interviews the executive producer for more insight on the Dark Zone.

Players can get their hands on the "evolution of traditional RPGs" when The Division releases on the Xbox One on March 8th, 2016.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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