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By Marc Hollinshead, 2 years ago
Adapting a novel to the big screen is hugely popular in the film industry in this day and age. The likes of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones (and even 50 Shades of Grey) have become a huge success because of their film and TV counterparts, but the world of gaming is rarely transferred over. Prince of Persia and a number of others have made it to the screen, and there's even confirmation of Assassin's Creed making the cut, but a lot of titles have only seen mini featurettes such as Dead Space. Video games are now so much more than mere time wasters, and they are able to compete with both TV and film, so we at the TA office have decided to make a list of titles/series that would look awesome on those giant screens for all to see, or in the comfort of our own homes (as suggested by Unleashed Spawn).

Honorable Mentions

Remember Me
Remember Me 6

While this may be more of an obscure title in the list compared to a lot of the big names, Remember Me is still host to a very interesting story and setting where the topic is rarely depicted in a game. It could easily rival the huge summer blockbusters that focus on explosions and car chases and replace them with an intriguing futuristic film where memories are now freely shared among the people. The industry always needs to be shook up now and then, and Remember Me would certainly fit the bill there.

Asura's Wrath
Easter Egg 1

This is an interesting as the game itself is already presented in a TV-like fashion (it's even had DLC episodes released in full-blown anime style) but it could easily be released as entire anime film on the big screen. We've seen the likes of Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle gain tremendous amounts of attention and Asura's Wrath could easily achieve the same recognition if adapted well. It could work well as an anime TV show as well, cutting up each of the game's respective episodes accordingly. We're lucky enough as gamers to experience something different like this, but anime fans would jump out of their seats to watch Asura's mighty wrath unleashed to all.

Life Is Strange
Episode 3 Screenshot 1

While the story may not be fully complete yet (at the time of writing), Max's time-bending tale has been expertly told so far. A TV thriller show would be a fantastic fit for this title and being able to see it retold in a more popular medium would bring the story to so many more people. Life Is Strange is a game that a lot of "mainstream" gamers wouldn't play as it goes against the action-packed and explosive nature of a lot of games, but as a TV show, it would no doubt attract a large audience because it's a unique story that is both exciting and intriguing each time another episode is released.

Top Five

5. Deus Ex
Deus Ex

Futuristic settings that aren't tied to the physics and laws of the world we know now always excite people and they regularly do well on both TV and the film industry. Deus Ex has presented us with a world that is definitely futuristic, but highly believable as well. The idea of humans being able to augment themselves with superhuman abilities through advanced technology is something that actually sounds like it could be accomplished in many years time. Adam Jensen and his escapades would certainly make for a great film or TV show and seeing the Deus Ex universe in one of these mediums would provide a form of escapism that still doesn't feel too over-the-top. Technology is always fascinating and so this would be right at home as a boxset or blockbuster.

4. Alan Wake
September 7th

Due to the game's nature, Mr. Wake would be no less at home on a TV screen as he would be on an Xbox console. The episodic way in which the story is told and the numerous references to the likes of The Twilight Zone means that it would work very well as a thriller/horror-style show. As the game progresses, an interesting plot unfolds and the setting and enemies in the game are definitely one of a kind. On TV, Alan Wake wouldn't be drowning in an over-saturated genre of programmes due to the fact that it is unique in its own right. With Xbox gamers being the only ones who were able to experience the story for a long time, it's almost criminal that so many people haven't seen the story and so taking it to the TV would spark a ton of interest indeed.

3. Red Dead Redemption
John Marston

Our resident Wookiee, ChewieOnIce, took time off from whipping helping his statisticles to weigh in on this one:
Westerns are a bit of a tricky genre and are usually considered a "lesser" genre since their massive popularity in the 1960s. Although there have been the odd successes in recent times (e.g. True Grit & Django Unchained) there have been some massive bombs too (e.g. Lone Ranger). Red Dead is brimming with atmosphere, has a strong simple story, a great main character, some cool set pieces and a clear love of the genre that could set it apart. Its epic, sprawling and almost episodic nature could work much better as a short series though.2. BioShock

Rapture can easily be said to be one of the most iconic settings from the last generation. The Big Daddies, Little Sisters and all the other nasties that roamed around created a world bursting with personality. It's been seen by many, many gamers, and yet there are probably plenty more people out there who would fall in love with the underwater city (and even Columbia from BioShock Infinite). With the first in the series being voted as the game of the generation from the TA community, there's no denying that it would make an amazing film or TV series. That jaw-dropping twist and simply beautifully created city would "wow" many people in cinemas, and knowing that it is deeply loved by gamers (on TA at the very least) proves that a TV or film adaptation would be widely successful.

1. Mass Effect
Mass Effect

There has been (little) talk as to BioWare's hugely successful series being transferred over to the big screen in years to come, but right now that feels like all but a dream. The world of Mass Effect is so vast and rich with lore and character that it screams for a TV show or film to be made. With numerous amounts of varied characters, an emotional yet action-packed story, and an entire galaxy to see, the sci-fi series would easily work as a film trilogy or TV series. As different members of Shepard's crew are so dear to a lot of us, even a mini series of the adventures of Tali and Garrus would get fans jumping for joy. In just three games, a huge universe has been revealed and, although Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming next year, there is so much more that could be told. With such a dense amount of material to pick from, the possibilities are literally endless as to what could be produced.

These days, there are so many games that have fantastic stories to share for non-gamers, so we simply couldn't name them all here. Which of yours made the list? Which didn't? Let us know in the comments!

The TA Team will be bringing you The TA Top Five every Sunday until we run out of coolness to debate and discuss. If you have an idea for a Top Five you'd like us to do, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Marc Hollinshead
Written by Marc Hollinshead
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