The Last Door Coming To Windows Phone

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
If you tried telling your friends that there's something frightening in your pants, you may lose those friends before you can explain yourself. If any did patiently wait to hear the whole story, though, you could take your Windows Phone out of your pocket and show them how the horror title, The Last Door, is soon to be on the platform. "Ohhhh," they'd say, "I thought you meant... nevermind."

The Last Door is a spooky episodic point-and-click title from The Game Kitchen. As a PC game it's already been downloaded by more than two million players, boasts publisher Game Troopers, and will be debuting on Windows Phone sometime in July for $2.99. If horror gaming on the go sounds good to you, check out the trailer below to discover more about the game.

The Game Kitchen has not yet revealed how much of the game's content will be immediately available when it comes to the digital store. As of now, PC gamers have access to six episodes and a bridging "Interlude" episode across two seasons. Originally a successful Kickstarter project, the developers are now hoping the Lovecraftian series captures audiences on the small screen. The game will also be coming to Windows 8, but we have no further details at this time.
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Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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