Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Demo Available Now

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit is arguably the most anticipated racing game of the year, and with its release a mere three weeks away, now seems like the perfect time to whet your appetite with a demo.

Click here to download the free, Gold-exclusive demo from the Marketplace. And hey, while you wait for it to download, why not watch this newly-released trailer for the game?

The demo will give you a taste of the new Need for Speed Autolog feature, which "makes personalized recommendations to gamers based on what their friends have been playing. Autolog is a brilliantly simple feature that challenges each player to set the best race time amongst their friends."

In the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit demo, players will be able to chase as a cop in the Dark Horse Hot Pursuit event, speeding through the coastal highway and mountainous ridges of Seacrest County. At the heart of the demo is a social network called Autolog that tracks cop and racer performances while playing solo and uses those statistics to generate fierce competition between friends. Once players add a friend to their Need for Speed friends list, the second event will unlock called Roadster’s Reborn, where gamers can compete as racers to set the best times. When they download and play the demo they will also earn 500 bounty award points in the full game for both Cop and Racer careers. Accruing bounty will allow players to unlock events and exotic cars and progress through their careers in the full game.
The demo is only playable for a limited time though, ending on November 9th. The full retail game will release in North America on November 16th, and on November 19th throughout Europe and Australia.
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