Preview program members on Xbox One have been treated to a bevy of new features lately, not least of all being the backwards compatibility so often requested by avid gamers.  Not to let the PC side sit idle, Microsoft has announced a new round of features to be added to the Xbox on Windows 10 app.

For the Xbox on Windows 10 app we see the following new features added:

My Games – Allows you to use a new My Games menu to manually add games to your games list as well as quickly launch any game already on it.  Any new game downloads after the update will automatically be added to the list.  Also, a ‘featured games’ section will sit below your recently played games showcasing new and/or popular games from the Windows store.

Game Hubs – Each game has its own hub, with shortcuts to its front in the Windows store as well as a quick link to find streamers to watch for the game.  Accessing the hub is accomplished by right-clicking on any given game within the games list and choosing ‘go to game hub’.  Also, any games that you have on Xbox One can be populated into this list, and you’ll be able to right-click on them and choose ‘play from console’ to stream the game from your Xbox One to your PC, which might be handy when your main TV is in use.

Social Sharing – Similar to the Xbox One’s activity feed, you’ll have your feed accessible on Windows 10 and be able to share achievement unlocks, game clips, and screenshots to your feed.

Xbox Avatars – The Windows avatars app has been renamed to Xbox Avatars and as such will be consistent with what you experience on the Xbox platform.  Also, you can now take pictures of your avatar not just posing, but interacting with their avatar props as well.

Xbox Accounts – You’ll now be able to sign in to Xbox on Windows 10 with any account, rather than a single one designated to that computer. 

Note that you’ll need Build 10158 of Windows 10 installed.  If so, install the Xbox on Windows 10 app and it should automatically update to the preview version when it is released.

Microsoft has also stated that there is more in store for the Xbox One, and therefore the preview program on the console, so keep that feedback coming!
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
36-year old married gamer, father to a fierce Boston Terrier but no humanoid children. I've been gaming practically my whole life, starting around when I was 5 or 6 years old with an Atari 2600 and progressing through nearly every console ever released apart from the Wii U. I'm a completionist by nature, but am trying to move away from chasing every-higher gamerscore and just focusing on enjoying the great games that are all around me. We'll see how successful I am. I've been on TA since 2009 but have become much more active on the site in the past couple of years, and look forward to seeing it grow now that the XB1 app is getting it some much-deserved exposure!