ID@Xbox Takes on E3 Part 2

By Rebecca Smith,
As we mentioned in the first part, there are 48 new titles that have been announced. Here are the first 12 ID@Xbox new reveals:

1) 6180 the moon

The Sun has disappeared and the Moon has set off on a journey to try and find it. The platformer tasks players with traversing a variety of hazardous environments to reach your destination. However, gravity is different in space and this means that players can make a series of longer and higher jumps. Extra height would usually mean that you would collide with the top of the screen, but not so in this game where the top and bottom of the screen are connected and there is no chance of falling to your death.

2) Acorn Assault Rodent Revolution

If you were looking for a historically inaccurate retelling of the French revolution with squirrels as the main characters, have we got the game for you. Players must conquer their opponent's army using a "unique" match-three mechanic. The campaign features 25 levels and there is a competitive multiplayer mode for taking on your friends.

3) Action News Heroes

This twin stick top down shooter puts players in the role of a participant in TV show Action News Heroes. The network that airs the show, Network X, has a lot of enemies despite the fact that they feed their audience exactly what they want: sensationalism, violence and despair. You must kill these enemies while live on air. If you die, make a clone of yourself and try again.

4) Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space

There's an explosion at a secret research facility. Knocked unconscious during the incident, night-watchman John T. Longy wakens in the basement of the complex, but he isn't alone. His explorations reveal strange, unearthly organisms. Not also must John work out the mysteries of what could possibly be a biological experiment gone wrong, he must also solve the puzzles that lie between him and survival.

5) Anima: Gate of Memories

Set in Gaïa, the fantasy third-person action RPG tells the tale of an ancient monster and a girl who has lost her past. The pair are bound together by an unwilling pact, trapped in a tower that is made of the memories of seven beings. Who will triumph, the pair who must save themselves or the beings that have been fated to end the pair's existence?

6) Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians

Beatbuddy lives in Symphonia, an environment that moves to the beat of music created by composers such as Austin Wintory and Parov Stellar. In this action-adventure title, Beatbuddy must interact with the environment to solve puzzles and defeat the evil Prince Maestro if he is to save his homeland.

7) Buildanauts

A construction game that can be played by people of all ages, players assume the role of a city planner, foreman and town mayor all-in-one. The thing is, to be the mayor of this town means that you have to build it first. Survey, design, build and then manage your own creations.

8) Cashtronauts

Appearances are deceptive. This game appears to be a twin-stick shooter where players must destroy asteroids, pirates, civilians and police alike. However, in a world ruled by "vicious capitalist dinosaurs", it isn't that simple. If you are to survive and be successful, you must mine resources from those asteroids, hunt the pirates to collect rewards and do anything that you can to earn some extra cash.

9) Charlotte Seeker

An experimental terraforming spaceship has been floating adrift in space for thousands of years. Left to its own devices and sent out with more seeds of life than anyone could ever really need, things have gotten out of control. The landscape is harsh, the swarms of creatures are hostile and the ship has its own cybernetic defenses to protect it. You must steal the ship's technology to upgrade your weapons and abilities if you are to survive in this twin stick shooter.

10) Chronology - Time Changes Everything

Players assume the role of the Old Inventor who must mainpulate the past and the future to fix the present in this puzzle-platformer. Alongside his sidekick The Snail, players must use the pair's different abilities to maipulate objects and travel through time to complete their monumental task.

11) Clash

This fast-paced fantasy arena fighter gives players a magical shield and a dash attack that they must use to defeat their friends. The game offers four different modes when couch gaming for up to four players as they compete for first place.

12) Dad Beat Dads

This local-multiplayer arena brawler offers a couple of different modes in a contest between up to four players. Smash N' Grab tasks players with stealing the babies from the opposing fathers and bringing them back to base. However, you must protect your own baby too. In Diaper Sniper, players must grab the Diaper Brick and hurl it at their opponents in a brutal form of dodge ball.

Stay tuned for part three, which brings the next 12 new announcements.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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