ID@Xbox Takes on E3 Part 3

By Rebecca Smith,
Here are the next 12 new titles.

13) Elliot Quest

If you become sick, you would hope that you get better. Only in the worst cases will it lead to your death. The thing is, Elliot is suffering an even worse fate. When his wife disappears and he falls sick, he tries to take his own life... only to find that he can't die. Instead, he's slowly transforming into a demon due to a rare curse that was given to him by a demon called Satar. He must seek out one of the island's Guardians to help him, as they are the only reason why the land of Urele is not occupied by demons already.

14) Ender of Fire

There's a war between the Beast tribes and the Human-Elf alliance. The only way that it will ever end is if the Elders of the Beast tribe and ana ancient being, known as The One, are defeated. In this local co-op side-scrolling fantasy title, players have a choice of four classes - Knight, Archer, Mage and Barbarian - each of which have their own unique skills.

15) Fat City

In this action-puzzle title, players assume the role of Chris Knox, a hustler trying to pull of heists from a variety of high-value targets around New York City. Lead a team of highly-skilled hustlers to cause distractions and commit crimes simultaneously to maiximise your ill-gotten gains and fill the coffers of your crime syndicate. Once those coffers have enough money in them, maybe you will be able to gain back your loved one whose life is in real danger.

16) G Prime

Players are tasked with exploring The Rain, a vast uncharted solar system ravaged by a shock wave of gas and dust that originated from far away. You must contend with Iceteroids, theophosphorus and quicksand clouds, as well as jaded refugees. Aboard the Ptolemy Station, all that can help you navigate these increasingly challenging obstacles is your sub-etheric reconnaissance rockets.

17) Generic Space Shooter

This isn't just any space shooter... it is THE generic space shooter. Players are armed with eight unique powerups and can unlock 30 spacecraft to help them to defeat alien foes at lightning speed. "Mind meltingly epic" boss battles also aim to put an end to your life. How long will you survive?

18) HeartZ: Co-Hope Puzzles

While the trailer gives very little away, this game wants players to kick, jump, barf, teleport, explode, hack, scare and bite your way through the "finely tweaked and evil" levels. Each level is designed to work with a single player or with up to three players in a local setting; it will adapt to the number of players easily.

19) HTR+

North American gamers will know these as slot cars. European gamers will know them better as Scalextric. Regardless, you'll need to hurtle around loops, jumps, crossroads, narrows and high speed curves across 20 different tracks and three difficulty levels. If you want more than 20 tracks, you can use the Track Editor to create your own. Alternatively, you can also download any of the 100,000+ tracks that are already available from the game's online community.

20) Hyper Void

This game is a shoot 'em up in every sense of the word, but it isn't a side scroller or a top-down shooter. Instead players travel forward through 29 levels of intergalactic wormholes, defeating myriads of enemies and enormous bosses alike.

21) Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey Remastered

Turn-based RPGs usually bring forward visions of grids or menus. Well this one has a difference. Players must defeat monsters using the power of words. Use your letter tiles to spell words while your opponents try to turn them into curses like poison, plague, stone and whirlwind. Both of the game's protagonists, Grimm and Rose, can use tricks such as upgradeable weapons, books that provide unique boosts, special items, upgrades and potions to counter these evil attacks.

22) Lovely Planet

When you see the cute abstract environment of this title, I can guarantee that one of the last genres that will spring to mind is first person shooter, yet this is exactly what you will be facing. They may look cute but the enemies are treacherous and you will only make it through the gun ballet's five worlds through capable use of your semi-automatic.

23) MelterMan

Developed by a college team, this side scrolling platformer/building title tasks players with melting obstacles, vacuuming up the residue and using it to build the objects that are needed to help you traverse the toy factory. Even if you can't save the toy factory, you get to melt teddy bears.

24) Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae

In this hack and slash title, players assume the role of a warrior maiden who must track down her former best friend and retrieve the sacred demon blade that she has stolen. Will you be able to end the feud between the pair?

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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