ID@Xbox Takes on E3 Part 4

By Rebecca Smith,
We're reaching 75% of the way through with the next 12 titles.

25) Molecats

This puzzle title is best described as a cross between Lemmings and Droplitz. The Molecats can not be controlled directly by the player although they will respond to a few commands. Instead, players must get them to their destination by rotating the many tiles that create the maze of tunnels through which the Molecats must travel. Avoid the traps, discover the secrets, eat the mushrooms and encounter strange creatures along the way.

26) Nature's Zombie Apocalypse

I know what you're thinking -- not another local co-op twin-stick zombie shooter. I thought that too, until I saw the pistol-wielding bear, elephant with a mini-gun and duck with a baseball bat. If that isn't weird enough, perhaps you'd prefer the sloth with a flamethrower? Plant flamingo turrets and save kittens using your friendly storks. Nothing about this title falls into the usual category.

27) Ninja Pizza Girl

Slums can be found on top of skyscrapers. The powers that be exploit the poor for their own monetary gain. However, the most pertinent issue is that good pizza is hard to find. Players assume the role of a teenage ninja girl who must deliver pizza in a timely manner to support her family and their business, as well as defy the most potent enemy of any teenage girl -- other teenagers.

28) On Rusty Trails

Rain doesn't usually cause much problem unless you are made out of metal. Elvis' metal house has just disintegrated into a heap of rusting scrap and, if he isn't careful, he will rust too. With the use of his Shifty Suit, Elvis can disguise himself and move amongst the suspicious hairy folk. He can also zoom over obstacles and transform himself. He'll need to do this if he is to save himself in this platformer.

29) PING 1.5+

In a title inspired by 80s video games, you are a cube and you must reach the tasty orange. Players must aim the cube through obstacles and blocks while avoiding the numerous bombs that are spread around the game's 100+ stages. Each world also contains a challenging boss that can only be defeated through a remixed mini-game.

30) Pixel Racing

This 3D racing game meets 8-bit graphics to create a unique look. Battle up to four friends in a variety of game modes. Unlock new tracks and cars to gain an edge over your opponents. You can even turn on the headlights and head out for a spin during the night if you want to add an extra challenge to things.

31) 2064: Read Only Memories

Inspired by point-and-click games, this retro title takes players on a cyberpunk adventure through Neo-SF in the year 2064. Players must solve the mystery of your missing friend. Alongside your new sidekick ROM, will you manage to untangle the greatest scandal to have ever hit the city?

32) RymdResa

Space can be calming, but it can also be incredibly lonely. Players must travel through procedurally generated cosmos in this space odyssey where the only aim is to survive in the world of RymdResa. Explore, find resources and upgrade your ship if you are to stand any chance of a long life.

33) Shwip

This twin-stick action title gives players a whip to use as a weapon. You still have to destroy everything in sight across three different game modes, but even the military would be jealous of your weapons and abilities. While the game does include online leaderboards, multiplayer is confined to a local setting.

34) Soccer Rage

In a real soccer match, fouls and fights would be punished with red and yellow cards. Not so in this game; in fact, fighting is actively encouraged. Players can win the match by either scoring the most goals or by completely disabling all of the players on the opposing team. Red cards, off sides and substitutions are banished. In their place are brutal fouls and punch-ups.

35) Spoiler Alert

Starting at the end of a game just defeats the objective in most titles. In this game it is the entire point of its existence. The end boss is already dead. All of the coins have been collected. The princess has been rescued. What do you do now? Well, you play through the game backwards, of course, and restore everything to its previous state. Put the coins back, resurrect enemies and catch your fireballs in this platformer with a twist.


This game is extremely hard to describe. It involves four players and an "epic narwhal battle in space". I think the rest is best left to witness for yourself.

Tune in for the final part of our roundup where we meet the final 12 ID@Xbox titles to be revealed this week.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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