ID@Xbox Takes on E3 Part 5

By Rebecca Smith,
We finish this series of articles with the final 12 titles to be revealed this week.

37) Steredenn

While this is yet another space shoot 'em up, it's one of the closest that I've seen get to the bullet hell challenge coveted by shmup purists. It may be pixelated, but that doesn't mean that it's easy. You'll face insane boss battles and fast-paced action. Your reflexes will be tested.

38) Super Robo Mouse

Players take on the role of a robotic mouse, ROBO, that has become trapped in a maze that is filled with traps and three epic boss enemies. If ROBO is to escape the 20 levels that are between him and freedom, he must collect the required number of Titanium Cheese pieces to open up his escape routes and progress forward.

39) Teslapunk

Emperor Zangórax is a popular martian DJ by night, but during the day he is an invader who must be prevented from conquering Earth in this classic 2D bullet hell shoot 'em up. If the sheer number of projectiles isn't daunting enough, Emperor Zangórax will taunt you through the Mars TV that is visible at the side of the screen. If you prefer a more casual approach, take on Survival mode where you can level up your ships and buy items to help you.

40) The Deer God

Live and survive as a deer in this procedurally generated pixelated platformer about survival, reincarnation and karma. Travel across a variety of landscapes, through night and day, and defeat the many creatures that are intent on making you into their next dinner.

41) Thea: The Awakening

Thea is a world governed by Slavic Myth and Monstrosity. Despite this, there are no heroes or armies; there are just a few hopeless survivors that are trying to stay alive from day to day. You are their only hope. Combining western fantasy with folk tales, and strategy with card games, you must save this unique world using somewhat unique methods.

42) Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

In this visual novel, players assume the role of Kelly, a woman who has recently moved back to Nebraska to live with her parents. The story explores her relationships with her family through a phone conversation that happens as Kelly is driving home during a thunderstorm. There are nearly 500 dialogue choices from which to choose and players will explore hard-hitting topics like physical and mental disability, what adulthood really means, familial obligation, nostalgia and loss.

43) Toto Temple Deluxe

Players are tasked with stealing a magical egg-laying goat but, in typical arena style, they must also prevent their friends from stealing it too. You gain points by balancing the goat on your head for as long as possible, but be careful. The goat gets very upset if you bash him about too much.

44) TurnOn

Some people dream of being able to enjoy complete darkness, especially those that live in large cities that are riddled with street lights. However, could you truly imagine a world where there is a complete blackout with no electricity anywhere? Players assume the role of a small spark that must travel through the world and bring back light to the world. Maybe, though, the world will now be a bit better and kinder.

45) Unnamed Fiasco

This local multiplayer arena shooter starts off with up to four players. When a player dies, they are joined by a clone that will repeat the past actions of that player, meaning that you can have more and more combatants in the arena as time goes on. Collect items to help you on your way but beware of the Minute Madness, which can be activated randomly at any time to change up the gameplay completely.


VIDEOBALL is a new sport for your TV that mixes up elements from soccer, football, real-time strategy, and shooting games. Battle across 35 arenas and change the rules to suit yourself in local matches that accommodate up to six players. Arcade mode allows for single player gameplay or co-op with a friend. Billed as a team sport that is simple enough for a child, it is also deep enough to keep you playing "after an apocalypse".

47) Yummy Circus

Ginger and his Yummy friends have come up with a matching puzzle title that promises to be "the most addictive, colorful and varied mind bender yet"! The 300+ levels and ten game modes can accommodate up to four players locally or up to eight players online.

48) Zarvot

The final local multiplayer arena title of the bunch puts players in cube tanks that must use a variety of weapons to shoot each other while talking trash, pondering their existence and making terrible puns. Each of the 40 stages is destructible and can be tackled by up to four players. If you want a bit of practice before taking on your friends, tackle the game's story mode that promises to be a light-hearted experience.

So there we have it. Which of the 48 titles are taking your fancy?
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
Rebecca is the Newshound Manager at TrueGaming Network. She has been contributing articles since 2010, especially those that involve intimidatingly long lists. When not writing news, she works in an independent game shop so that she can spend all day talking about games too. She'll occasionally go outside.
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