Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Soundtrack Release

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
If I said Jesper Kyd, would you know who I was referring to? You wouldn't? Well he's the driving force behind the award winning soundtrack to your favourite assassin orientated games, and a BAFTA winner in his own right.

His latest work is that of penning the original score to Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Kyd stated that in writing the music for the latest in the series, he strove for something darker and more sinister to reflect the games content and story progression:

Researching the history of the Borgia Family it became clear early on that Assassin's Creed Brotherhood would require a very dark score in order to match the Borgias' aspirations to become the rulers of Italy. The music reflects the compelling story of Ezio as a Master Assassin going up against the Borgias,
If you're something of a completionist, and would like to round off your purchase of the title with the full soundtrack, you'll be able to do so from November 16th when the CD releases through iTunes to coincide with the American release date of the aforementioned game.