Hero Powers Come To Guitar Hero Live

By Andy Mills, 2 years ago
Hero Powers are a new feature being introduced in the upcoming Guitar Hero Live. Described as an evolution to the series staple Star Power, each of these seven new powers will have markedly different effects when you use them in the Guitar Hero TV mode that they are exclusive to. These powers can be activated in one of two ways, either tilting the guitar in classic Guitar Hero fashion, or pressing the "Power Button" - not the one that would turn the guitar off and on, you would hope - on the new guitar. Now onto what exactly these new powers do!

Clear Highway does exactly what it says on the tin. It clears out the entire highway of notes, counting any notes cleared out as successful hits.
Clear Highway Power in Guitar Hero Live

Clear Highway Power in Guitar Hero Live

Clear Highway Power in Guitar Hero Live

Luckily, Dial Up does not turn everything you play into the sound you used to hear with dial-up internet, but instead increases the number of notes to play. While this will obviously make the game more difficult, the potential for a higher score also increases.
Dial Up Power in Guitar Hero Live

Double Multiplier. It doubles your multiplier. Easy!
Double Multiplier Power in Guitar Hero Live

Double Multiplier Power in Guitar Hero Live

Invincibility will temporarily hit all notes for you, and any that you miss manually will not affect your score.
Invincibility Power in Guitar Hero Live

Dial Down, as you may expect, is the opposite of Dial Up. It will reduce the number of notes, making it easier to keep your multiplier in intact through tough sections.

Safety Net will allow your score streak and multiplier to stay where they are, even if you miss a note.

Finally, Score Chaser increases the maximum multiplier cap, for those of you that just aren't satisfied with the normal multipliers.

Unfortunately, there is no Power Of Love. At least, not yet. Perhaps it'll sneak in there before Guitar Hero Live is set to release on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 20th.
Andy Mills
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