Trackmania Turbo Showcases Gameplay

By Shawn Hoffman, 2 years ago
Trackmania Turbo is set to be a sleeper hit for any racing gamer when it's released later this year. A new gameplay video was released, in it Tommy François and François Alaux, Creative Director on Trackmania Turbo , talk about and show off some of the exciting features packed away inside of their upcoming release.

In the video, we gain some important information about the core aspects of the game. The game will feature 200 tracks as well as an in-depth track editor that permits for endless possibilities. In-game music speed and rhythm is in tangent with how fast your car is speeding down the track, adding a whole new vibe to the competitive nature the game strives to set. On top of that, custom car skins and a cooperative driving mode are included.

Lucky for all of us, there's more information about the game yet to be announced,

Trackmania Turbo is scheduled to launch onto a track near you come November 27 in Europe and December 1st in the United States.
Shawn Hoffman
Written by Shawn Hoffman
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