All Things Go Boom! Dev Diary

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
Back in June we brought you news that ALL THINGS GO BOOM! will be coming to Xbox One.  Yesterday indie developer Double Bomb Interactive released a dev diary an let’s play hybrid video where Dave, with the help of friends Ryan and Frank, takes us on a tour of what to expect when the game releases. 

All Things Go Boom! is a hybrid twin-stick shooter and vehicular combat game, where players battle it out across various maps using upgradeable weapons.  Said upgrades are obtained by destroying the environment as well as other players and picking up the resultant weapon components.  One particularly devastating result is seen in the dev diary, when the narrator gets one-shotted and discovers his opponent was using an Incendiary Heat-Seaking Gatling Cannon, a weapon resulting from several upgrades to the base Cannon.

The video shows us a couple of different modes in the game, including the standard deathmatch mode, where the most kills wins, and a ‘Nuke Race mode, where teams face off in a race to 100 scrap.  The first team to bring 100 scrap back to their base, once again obtained from environmental and opponent destruction, will set off a nuke that destroys everything on the map and gives them the win.

Something shooter fans have come to expect in the FPS genre, killstreaks make their way into the game with destructive results.  We see the nuke killstreak in the video, where after three kills a player can set off a nuke at their vehicle’s location, destroying themselves and nearby enemies.  Don’t fret though, this self-destruction doesn’t result in a death counter for the killstreak user.

For more info and a great deal of gameplay footage, check out the 35-minute dev diary below.

All Things Go Boom! has no release date yet.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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