LEGO Marvel's Avengers Screens

By Devin McIntyre, 4 years ago
During San-Diego Comic Con this weekend, Warner Bros Interactive was accompanied by comic book legend Stan Lee for a panel that discussed LEGO Marvel's Avengers. As this game is the first to including characters and storylines from Marvel's The Avengers and Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was announced that Iron Man's Hulkbuster suit will be making an appearance in the game, alongside a Stan Lee-inspired "Stan-Buster" suit. These were just two of the six total characters revealed at the panel, all of which can be seen in the screenshots below.

America ChavezAmerica Chavez

The super villain CrossbonesThe super villain Crossbones



Sam Wilson as Captain AmericaSam Wilson as Captain America

Iron StanIron Stan

There is still no solid release date set for LEGO Marvel’s Avengers, but you can expect to get your hands on the game sometime in the Fall of 2015 on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Devin McIntyre
Written by Devin McIntyre
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