PSA: Bean Dive Registration Closes Today

By Dave Horobin, 2 years ago
As promised, here is your final reminder that Bean Dive registration will be closing in a few hours. If you want to take part in the 6th Annual International Bean Dive, you need to hit the "Start my Dive" button over at the Bean Dive Hub before the registration period closes tonight at 23:59 (GMT+0).

Once you are registered, you can take your time adding any new games to your Gamertag at your own pace over as many days as needed. Once you have the last game scanned in, head back over to the Bean Dive hub where you can hit the "Finish my Dive" button in order for us to begin tracking your recovery.

WARNING: Be absolutely sure that you've finished your dive and that all of the achievements from your dived games have been scanned on to TA before you press the "Finish My Dive" button, as all recorded stats will be reset if/when you decide to start another.

Thanks to all 998 of you that have registered for the event already! Good luck with a speedy recovery!

Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueAchievements Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueAchievements social pages discussing all things TA related.