Fragments of Him Announced

By Mark Delaney,
The indie games space is known for taking risks that multimillion dollar AAA investments just can't fathom. A good example of that is SassyBot Studio's forthcoming point-and-click, Fragments of Him. The game tells the story of four people, one of them recently deceased, and how those left behind mourn and accept that death. It's really mature subject matter, and it's about what you might expect from an indie studio out of the Netherlands.

In Fragments of Him, the protagonist, Will, dies suddenly in a tragic car accident. His boyfriend, grandmother, and ex-girlfriend are all hit hard with the news, and players will get to explore their lives in the aftermath of tragedy, as well as Will's life before that fateful day. The entire narrative experience is based around memories and moments that aim to deal with life, and of course death, maturely, said Elwin Verploegen, co-founder of SassyBot.

We wanted to approach death as a topic in a way that is very uncommon for video games but very present in the lives of many. What happens when you lose someone you loved suddenly, how do you manage to carry on? We think videogames are an ideal medium to take players on such an emotional, human, and comforting journey
By all accounts of those who saw the game's original prototype back in 2013, a box of tissues will be mandatory. Check out the somber announcement trailer below.

The studio was not clear as to whether the visual style shown in the video is final or a work in progress. We'll be following this game closely as it approaches release, currently scheduled for 2016 on Xbox One. Don't you go dying on us!

We've got the full list of Fragments of Him achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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