One Billion Hours Spent On Xbox Live Every Month

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
Microsoft have released some figures that show 25 million members of Xbox LIVE around the world are each spending more than 30 hours per month online. It is not clear exactly what Mircosoft define as "time spent", but it still equals over a day of each month is spent connected to LIVE.

Major Nelson's blog states that over the past year, there has been an increase of 157% in time spent watching movies and television shows. In the US, 42% of Xbox Live Gold members spend an average of one hour watching either TV or movies on their 360.

He also informs us that access to Xbox LIVE is expanding from 26 countries to 35 this November. The dashboard update is also promised "in the very near future".

Over the next few months Mircosoft will no doubt expect their impressive figures to increase. The expansion of Live into nine additional countries, the launch of Kinect and the dashboard update, which adds ESPN3 support, are all set to offer Xbox LIVE to an even wider audience.
Credit for this story goes to Iceberg082006