Headup Games Announces Solar Shifter EX

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Publisher Headup Games have announced a new sci-fi shoot 'em up Solar Shifter EX, a new title filled with the much loved horrors of bullet hell, but also with a twist as players will have the unique ability to "shift". With development duties being handled by Elder Games, the title will see players fire up their ship and pilot head first into space for some "fierce combat situations".

SSE Screens 01

Players will be traversing through space and over gorgeous looking planet surfaces. However, bullets will be surrounding your ship so there wont be much time to enjoy the scenery. Thankfully, your ship "The Phase Shifter" has a one-of-a-kind drive fitted that will allow players to warp out of sticky situations. The mastering of this technique wont come easy, but will be essential for your ship's survival.

SSE Screens 2

With an epic storyline evolving over numerous worlds, you'll encounter massive enemy fleets and gorgeous landscapes until you reach your goal: To leave a dying solar system behind at all costs before its extinction!
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Solar Shifter EX will be making its way to the Xbox One in 2016.

We've got the full list of Solar Shifter EX achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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