Screens for Three of Ripstone's Upcoming Titles

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
Game publisher Ripstone will be bringing a triple lineup to this year's Gamescom event in Cologne with Extreme Exorcism, Pure Hold'em, and Ironcast. Before we get into the new serving of screens that have been released for each title, let's take a look at the Gamescom lineup from Ripstone where the team will be situated in the "business area in Hall 3.2, C010- D011":

Extreme Exorcism is an arena platformer that will be making its way to the Xbox one later this year. Following up from the Announcement story and trailer, we now have a few new screens to check out showcasing more of the action-packed platforming to come:

EE Screens 01

EE Screens 2

EE Screens 3

Pure Hold'em will be showcased for the first time at the booth this year and releases this Summer on Xbox One. The game was announced back in February and hasn't seen much coverage besides a DLC competition. Let's see what these new screens have in store for us:

Pure Hold'em Screens 01

Pure Hold'em Screens 2

Pure Hold'em Screens 3

Ironcast was confirmed for Xbox One back in March of this year but is still missing a release date. Along with the announcement came some screens and a trailer. The new screens continue to showcase the "steampunk mech combat game set in an alternative Victorian history":

Ironcast Screens 01

Ironcast Screens 2

Ironcast Screens 3

Lastly, Ripstone are going to be giving away two tickets to Gamescom for two very lucky winners! Availability to attend the event on Wednesday, August 5th is a must and the winners will also get their hands on a Ripston swag bag as part of the winnings. Full details on how to enter are right here.
Ashley Woodcock
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