Age of Empires: Castle Siege Coming to Windows 10

By Ashley Woodcock,
The well-known and popular cross-platform title Age of Empires: Castle Siege is already available on iOS, Windows 8, and Windows Phone, and will now be making its way to Windows 10.

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 01

Players will choose from one of several civilizations - the Britons, Teutons, or Kievan Rus. Upgrade your keep, fortify and reinforce your walls, and rally your troops. It's not just about building and defending your own civilization though, players need to raid and destroy other cities. As time passes on, players will also be able to "research technology", and recruit powerful heroes including "Saladin, Richard the Lionheart, and Joan of Arc". Here's a set of screens to showcase the city raiding on the Windows 10 platform:

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 2

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 3

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 4

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 5

AoD:CS (W10) Screens 6

Age of Empires: Castle Siege comes to Windows 10 this August.

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Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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