Guitar Hero Live Achievements

By Dave Horobin, 1 year ago
After a four year hiatus, the Guitar Hero franchise is rocking back on to the scene with the launch of Guitar Hero Live. Currently scheduled for release on October 23rd, we're giving you ample time to limber up your fingers once again in pursuit of the game's 49 achievements.

As with previous releases in the Guitar Hero franchise, it would appear that a good portion of the achievements can be earned regardless of your skill level. Only two achievements specifically mention expert difficulty, although it's a fair bet that some of the score related ones will require you to be able to play to a high standard.

For those of you who have mastered expert difficulty on the previous games, it's worth bearing in mind that Guitar Hero Live comes with a newly designed guitar with a different button placement, so you'll have to re-learn all of those useful techniques.

There are 48 non secret achievements:

There is 1 secret achievement:

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Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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