The TrueAchievements Leap Frog Contest Is Over!

By Dave Horobin, 2 years ago
After 100 days, and an incredible personal total of 5,392 achievements won during that time, we are very happy to announce that the winner of our first ever Leap Frog competition is...

Leap Frog 2015 Winner - IrishWarrior022Leap Frog 2015 Winner - IrishWarrior022

The final top 10 standings can be seen below:

Congratulations to IrishWarrior022, Emerald Axer and Mephisto4thewin on your final three finish, and a huge thank you to everyone who took part and helped make our first Leap Frog such a huge success.

Over the course of the next week we'll be bringing you interviews from our final three participants, where you'll be able to gain some insight into how much dedication was needed to stay in the competition for so long, and we'll also be sharing some of their individual stats from the contest.

Contest Stats and Final Standings Table
The final stats from the overall competition can be viewed here, and you can also see where you finished in our new Final Standings page.

New Community Event Standings Panel
As requested, by some more than others, we've added a new Community Event Standings panel to the home page of our final three, which showcases their final position in the contest.

Community Event StandingsCommunity Event Standings

This new panel has been set to include some of our previous events such as our Winter Olympics contest. Special props to Emerald Axer, who already has FIVE top three finishes to showcase in his.

The Prize
As the winner receives a year's Pro account for every day they survived in the contest, IrishWarrior has won 100 years of TrueAchievements Pro. Because none of us expected the contest to run this long when we conceived the prize, and because (even though we'd love it to be) it's highly unlikely that TA will be around 100 years from now, we've given him the opportunity to give out half of his prize fund to other TAers. He's sent through his list of recipients to us and we'll be dishing out those Pro accounts next week. I think we can all agree that's a pretty awesome gesture from Irish!

Some Scary Numbers
I'll leave you with a few final stats from the competition.

Total Number of Achievements Earned in the Contest: 243,330
Total Gamerscore Earned in the Contest: 4,998,345
Total TA Earned in the Contest: 8,546,283

Keep an eye out for our interviews next week!

The TA Community Events Team
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
Dave is the TrueAchievements Social Manager and has been a Newshound since 2010. When he's not chasing developers and publishers for early review copies, he can usually be found on the TrueAchievements social pages discussing all things TA related.