TA Competition: Spring Clean Giveaway Week Ten

By Dave Horobin,
We've hit double digits for our Spring Clean Giveaway, and we're still going strong! This week we're giving you the opportunity to win an Xbox One download code for HESAW's rail shooter, Blue Estate Achievements.


Our review was published in February, with Michelle awarding four stars out of five.

If Blue Estate had come out as just the core campaign, it would still be fun, but hard to recommend. With the addition of the Arcade Mode, and at a price of $12.99 (marked down from its initial release price on PS4 of $19.99), Blue Estate becomes an easy recommendation, and is something you can definitely enjoy on your own or with a friend. I must stress that Blue Estate is not for everyone, and that's entirely based on the presentation of the content - If you go into the game thinking "but I really LOVE rail shooters, I'll get over it!" and get off-put by A) the fact that there is a very-much objectified woman on the game's menu and B) her name is Cherry Popz, please don't put yourself through trying to enjoy it. If you can, however, deal with the type of humor, or are just a fan of it, you won't be disappointed by the game itself. Blue Estate doesn't try to reinvent rail shooters, but it's very good at being one, and the challenge of getting top ranks on everything will keep players wanting to come back for more.
To throw your name into our virtual hat, leave us a comment in the thread below before the competition closing date on Monday July 27th at 8PM GMT.

Good luck!

(Rules And Regulations)
- This competition is unavailable to TA Staff members
- One entry per person; multiple entries from the same community member will be disregarded
- Entry is via a comment to this thread
- The winner will be chosen at random by random.org
- This competition is available worldwide
- Entries close on Monday July 27th at 8PM GMT
Dave Horobin
Written by Dave Horobin
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