Updates and Bug Fixes for Happy Wars

By Fierce, 2 years ago
It has just been over a month since there were updates for Happy Wars and Happy Wars (Xbox 360) but in order to keep players 'happy,' Microsoft has just tacked on another patch which adds a new co-op mode and addresses some bug issues.

The "Newcomer Buddy Bonus" can be found in co-op mode which will allow players to team up with anyone in "Newcomer" status and will increase co-op points by doing so. In addition, the attack power of “Newcomer” players has been increased for co-op mode only.

In order to allow easier matchmaking for beginners, "Practice" mode has been removed, leaving only “Normal” and “Hell’s Challenge” modes available in co-op.

There was a progress display glitch for the “Challenge to the Top Pro” mission that has been fixed and other unspecified bugs have been addressed and squashed as well.
Written by Fierce
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