Gears of War: Ultimate Opening Cinematic Revamped

By Ben Crouch, 2 years ago
The Gears of War series remains to most Xbox gamers as a staple franchise in the consoles history since its original debut on the Xbox 360. Hearing that we were going to experience the original game again in the form of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition later this year, brought back many fun memories of its suspensful co-op story with friends and its unique and brutal multiplayer. Which for the most part, defined many games and series onwards on what we came to expect from a third-person, cover based shooter.

Today we have several pieces of new information to get you hyped up before its release. First we have the box art from the game itself along with a piece of concept art showcasing our four war torn heroes from the main campaign.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Box Art

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Final Concept Art

Next up, we have a behind the scenes look at the team over at Epic Games explaining some of the reasons why they decided to look back at the first ground-breaking Gears of War for the remaster treatment, and just why the original was special.

Lastly, for those that want a sneak peak of the opening cinematic from the original Gears of War, we have the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition version redone in its beautiful and modernized form for the Xbox One.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition curb stomps its way onto Xbox One and Windows 10 on August 25th.
Ben Crouch
Written by Ben Crouch
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