Abyss Is Coming To Windows Phone Next Week

By Ashley Woodcock, 2 years ago
The last time we delivered news on Game Troopers' Abyss (WP), was back in November last year, and this was regarding the aforementioned game developer bringing Windows Phone games to Xbox LIVE. After such a long silence, it's now been announced that Abyss will be coming to the Windows Phone next week!

Here's some brief details on what the title is all about if you've never had the chance to check out the console version:

In Abyss you will control Nep2no, a biomechanical robot created by humans to explore the depths of the ocean in seek of a new source of energy called “Gaia”.

Abyss is dark exploration through submarine caves and dangerous ocean trenches. Guide the brave Nep2no in his mission through mysterious grottos, discover forbidden depths, unfold secret passages, and gather all the Gaia to save humanity.
The newly released teaser trailer gives us a fine preview of the gameplay as Nep2no navigates through the dark levels of Abyss:

A new set of screens have also been released that continue to showcase the dark gameplay:

Abyss (WP) Screens 01

Abyss (WP) Screens 2

Abyss (WP) Screens 3

Abyss (WP) Screens 4

Abyss (WP) Screens 5

Abyss (WP) Screens 6

Abyss (WP) Screens 7

Abyss (WP) Screens 8

Abyss (WP) Screens 9

Abyss (WP) Screens 10

Abyss (WP) Screens 11

Abyss (WP) Screens 12

Abyss (WP) Screens 13

Abyss (WP) Screens 14

Abyss (WP) Screens 15

Abyss (WP) Screens 16

Abyss (WP) Screens 17

With 20 challenging levels to check out and a new set of achievements to unlock, Abyss comes to Windows Phone on an unspecified day next week with a $2.99 price tag and will support 512MB RAM devices.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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