ARK: Survival Evolved Announces New Battle Mode

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
If ARK: Survival Evolved doesn't win over critics and gamers when it releases in early 2016, it might forever be known as "the game where you can eat poop." Honestly, even if it is received well it might acquire that legacy. The game hopes to be a lot more than that, though, and today's announcement of a brand new Hunger Gamesian battle mode called Survival of the Fittest, is looking to build the hype.


In Survival of the Fittest, players are dropped into an arena where in the middle lies a massive cache of weapons and resources. Players can rush that stash in hopes of collecting the best of what's available, or back away and wait for the initial bloodshed to dry up and plan their approach. The developers at Studio Wildcard were not clear if the release version of this mode would allow for teams or if it'll always be every player for themselves, but it's being revealed on Twitch next week in a massive 35 team elimination tournament with prizes and $20,000 cash on the line.

Those tuning in to Twitch can vote on ways to alter the battle like weather modifications, supply drops and something ominously called "Dino Assault". Sitting comfortably in front of the Twitch stream, players can find pleasure in the pain of the contestants, much like high society does in Collins' Capitol. Over time, the arena gets smaller and smaller, driving the remaining survivors closer to conflict.

You can earn Darwin's badge of honor when the game releases sometime next year. The Twitch stream, for those interested, goes live on August 1st at noon Pacific Time.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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