The Swindle Gets New Trailer

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
We recently covered the announced release date for upcoming indie game The Swindle, including some nifty screenshots.  For more of the game in motion, Size Five Games has released a trailer leading up to the game’s release this month.

Creator Dan Marshall gives us a brief glimpse of the game, explaining that at the root of the player's motivation lies greed.  Levels are procedurally generated.  Although you can leave a level at any time and take whatever loot you’ve gained with you, you’re constantly tempted by that one extra bit of loot.  Because the game has a 100-day countdown before the police force’s all-seeing AI is switched on, and each heist takes one day off the timer, you have to balance the risk and reward of trying to get more loot per heist, versus risking losing it all if you fail.   Check out the trailer below to see this in action.

Can you hack that computer surrounded by spikes?  Is it worth it?  Find out on the 31st when The Swindle releases for Xbox One.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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