Project Spark Getting A Year One Edition

By Mark Delaney, 2 years ago
The creativity sandbox Project Spark recently shared and celebrated some massive milestones with Double XP. It appears the festivities, updates, and rewards have not yet ended. A ton of new information on the game-making game has been announced today. Chiefly among these announcements is the reveal of a Year One Edition. Available digitally starting today, this nearly all-inclusive version of the game can be bought for $49.99 or with in-game currency, 5,000 Tokens or 400,000 Credits.

Project Spark Screen 4

This version of the game will include every content pack released to date, plus pre-orders of the Biome Music and Battle Stations packs, with the sole exception being the racy Conker pack due to a difference in rating. Collectively, this is 85% cheaper than buying the packs individually. In their efforts to reorganize their in-game store, Team Dakota has also introduced new content packs like the Realms and Galaxies series which include all of the fantasy and sci-fi content respectively. The Realms series is priced at $29.99 (3,000 Tokens/240,000 Credits) while the Galaxies series goes for $19.99 (2,000 Tokens/160,000 Credits) and comes with a pre-order for the aforementioned Battle Stations pack. Additionally there will be a new Creator series which groups together every Builder themed content pack released so far and comes with a Biome Music pre-order. This too is priced at $19.99.

Still following? Good. There's also a new Spark Sampler which includes one Realm content pack (Troll Bridge), one Galaxies content pack (Kodite Extraction) and one Builder content pack (Thin Primitives). This will be sold for 400 Tokens or 32,000 credits. Three and twelve month subscriptions to Spark Premium have also been permanently reduced in price by 50%. The former now goes for 1,500 credits, while the latter now goes for 5,000.

The "Conker's Big Reunion" add-on will soon be leaving the store, but don't worry, only as a standalone. The Conker's Play & Create bundle will still be available and is getting permanently reduced to 500 tokens, another 50% price reduction.


Five other content packs will now also be free for anyone, specifically the following packs:
- Keys to the Castle
- Nomadic Warrior
- Champions Quest: Void Storm
- Gifts & Lights
- Clovers & Gold

These updates all may seem attractive to new users to the Project Spark platform, but Team Dakota didn't want to alienate their longtime fans and those who have poured a lot of time and money into the game. If you have logged 150+ hours, spent $40 or more, or received more than 10,000 downloads of your content, you'll receive a Core Creator gift which includes three free months of Premium and ten additional upload slots. Passing just one of these benchmarks is all that's required to qualify as a Core Creator. The studio says they already know who is eligible and these gift packs will be sent out tomorrow, July 29th, between 11am and 5am PT.

Project Spark Screen 2

With all of these additions, some subtractions are coming too. The following store items will be removed, mostly due to redundancy:

- Get Started Bundle
- Starter Pack (Note: you will still be able to properly use your Starter Pack retail disc and redeem those codes)
- Champions Quest Play Bundle
- Champions Quest Create Bundle
- Galaxies Bundle
- 1 Month Spark Premium
- 6 Months Spark Premium
- Conker’s Big Reunion (Note: now that Conker Play & Create Bundle is the same price, this will be removed in the near future)
- Keys to the Castle (now included in free content)
- Nomadic Warrior (now included in free content)
- Champions Quest: Void Storm (now included in free content)
- Gifts & Lights (now included in free content)
- Clovers & Gold (now included in free content)

The base game is still free for whomever would like to try it, and the Windows 10 version is still on the way too. Does any of this entice the uninitiated to dive into Project Spark? What about the veterans, do any of you qualify for the incoming Core Creator gift?
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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