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By Joseph C, 4 years ago
Red Ash, whose kickstarter is nearing its August 3rd cutoff date, is a Japanese open-world game based in an anime world. It is being billed as a “3D action adventure game with third person shooter elements” in an approach to bring “modern design elements into the classic action adventure RPG formula”. The developer behind it, Comcept USA, is also launching a little title about which you might have heard: Mighty No. 9.


Comcept has announced that Red Ash is coming to Xbox One thanks to financial backing from Fuse Entertainment, which allowed them to meet their Kickstarter goal. As such, they’ve gone on to say that all donations will be put toward stretch goals for additional content, such as a challenge dungeon for the hardcore, Tyger as a playable character, and the Call & Gopher Village Reconstruction. This last one is a post-game rebuilding of the main town after it has been damaged during the events that transpire in the campaign.

A Red Ash anime is in development as well, spearheaded by Studio 4°C, although it takes place in a separate, parallel world. This will allow both the game and the anime to develop along their own story lines without risks to canon for either.

The game itself takes place in a world “not unlike Earth”, after a war with the robot uprising has left mankind decimated and struggling for survival. The discovery of Lost Technology has allowed the humans to rebuild with cities emerging and expanding, helped along by a newly risen wealthy class. For the cities to survive, though, the Delvers must brave the robotic wilds to recover bits of this Lost Technology.

The humans’ main city of Great Slope is in danger as a mobile fortress named KalKanon is headed straight for it on a collision course. The Gecko company has announced the creation of an enormous electromagnetic cannon, the “Peacemaker”, to destroy the citadel on its approach to the city. The Delvers aren’t too happy about this as the citadel could be the key to unknown riches in Lost Technology, not to mention the rumored Legendary Legacy. The main character, Beck, is to somehow break into KalKanon and stop it before it gets within firing range of the cannon.

Check out some of the concept art and character portraits below, and take a listen to the main theme by Maname Matsumae.








Red Ash has no release window but stay tuned here on TA for more details as they arrive.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the RED ASH: The KalKanon Incident achievements.
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