Beyond Flesh And Blood Easter Eggs And A New Mech

By Andrew Ogley, 2 years ago
Whilst the upcoming third person, mech-based shooter Beyond: Flesh and Blood remains in development under the ID@Xbox scheme, fans are being encouraged to participate in a particular aspect of the game.

Developers working on the title have asked the community to come up with ideas for Easter Eggs for the new title. The team is quoted as requesting:

Hilarious, smart, surprising or just downright weird: one of the great development traditions is adding in Easter Eggs, and Beyond Flesh and Blood wants real and the most outlandish suggestions from gamers.
The only condition is that they should somehow be linked back to Manchester.
Those who have such creative whims can simply tweet the ideas using the hashtag #bfeggs on Twitter, and the team will start filtering through to select the best ideas for the new shooter.

As well as announcing the competition, the team over at Pixelbomb Games has also released two new images along with details of the latest mech to feature in the new game. The mech, simply titled Mk.2, has the following features:

MK 2. Combat Frame Factfile
Height: 9ft
Weight: 1 tonne
Loadout & Systems:
•Built in Booster Jets
•Particle Canon: Shoulder mounted canon built for combat, rapid fire.
•Missiles (guided): Single fire missile system up to a maximum of four, or guided system that fires all four missiles at a locked target.
•Combat Grade Hacking: Advanced hacking system with the strength to access combat focused systems such as more heavily defended weapon systems and combat machinery.
•Friend or Foe System 3.0 (FOF 3.0): Detection system highlights all enemies within a set range and can highlight them for a set amount of time. Enemies highlighted through objects.
•Slow Motion Focus 2.0 (SMF 2.0): Digital system that slows the perception of time allowing the pilot longer reaction times, and increased accuracy.
All of this means that the new Mk.2 Combat Frame has all of the attributes of the Mk.2 Engineering Frame but is now enhanced and equipped for mech based warfare, armed with a range of ballistic weaponry and advanced combat systems. To give players an idea of how this will look in the game, the team has released a couple of early images.

Beyond Flesh And Blood Mech MKII Images

Beyond Flesh And Blood Mech MKII Images

Beyond Flesh And Blood will be hitting the Windows 10 platform this Fall, with the Xbox One version scheduled for release in 2016.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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