Koei Tecmo Announce Arslan: The Warriors of Legend

By Ashley Woodcock, 3 years ago
Game developer Koei Tecmo Europe has announced the upcoming release of Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, a tactical action title "based on the epic novel, manga, and anime IP ‘The Heroic Legend of Arslan’".

ATWoL Art 01

The anime IP was originally written as a novel back in the late 1980's, and took a spin in the world of manga and anime on several occasions. The most recent release in 2013 was thanks to the famed illustrator Hiromu Arakawa known for the creation of Fullmetal Alchemist. Here's a brief on what the story entails:

It tells the story of the young crown prince of Pars, Arslan, as he is forced out of his kingdom when his father, the king, is betrayed and defeated and his domain conquered. Arslan and his few companions must re-assemble an army and fight against overwhelming odds to regain his throne and liberate his kingdom. Through his exploits he reaches emotional maturity, while the series also tackles underlying issues of slavery, religious fanaticism, betrayal, and humanity.
Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Xbox Packshot

With an already engaging and impressive narrative, combining this with fast paced tactical action will make for a hopefully pleasing game adaption. With the use of cell-shaded graphics, and the character designs being based on the anime series, the Arslan's universe is sure to leave a sweet first impression as players step into this new world.

Check out the announcement trailer that puts the visuals into video form as we see brief glimpses of the various locations, characters, and heavy battles that will take place:

Key and regular artwork pieces have been released showcasing characters Arslan, Daryun, Narsus, and Elam respectively all posing for the camera:

ATWoL Key Art 01

ATWoL Key Art 2

ATWoL Key Art 3

ATWoL Key Art 4

We also have more than 30 screens to share with you that showcase the above characters from the upcoming title in action within even more locations, more battles, and we can even check out some of the unique attacks from the characters too. All together, there's an overly generous serving of 39 screens. Check out 10 of them below, and open up the spoiler link for the rest:

ATWoL Screens 01

ATWoL Screens 2

ATWoL Screens 3

ATWoL Screens 4

ATWoL Screens 5

ATWoL Screens 6

ATWoL Screens 7

ATWoL Screens 8

ATWoL Screens 9

ATWoL Screens 10

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend comes to the Xbox One in Europe in early 2016.

We've got the full list of Arslan: The Warriors of Legend achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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