Borderlands Patch Has Arrived

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
Update by Dog of Thunder on 11/3:
The Title Update, which was *not* available yesterday, is now available for download. If it is not available in your region, then it should be going up the morning of 11/4 according to Gearbox:

Update 5:00pm 11/3/2010
Roadblocks to releasing the free TU to our 360 fans have been removed, and we expect it to start rolling out within the hour and should be to everyone's 360 by tomorrow morning (11/4 Morning)
Thanks to the plethora of community members that pointed this out!

Original story:
Gearbox came out last week and crystallized some details on Borderlands' most recent patch (known as 1.41 for the PC side of the game).

The general consensus was disgust because there was no date attached to that news. Gearbox, being the sneaky jerks they are, just skipped the whole announcing a date for the patch release and went ahead and released it. How rude of them.

The patch is live and addresses the following:
* Level cap increase of 8 levels for all players.
[-]Original Borderlands players will now be able to achieve level 58.
[-]Owners of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx can achieve a record setting increase to a maximum level of 69.
* Enemies now scale to new level caps throughout the whole game as long as playthrough 2 has been completed.
* Item drops (with the exception of COM Decks) will now scale to new enemy level caps.
* DLC4 Achievement/Trophy glitches that have affected some users will now properly award players for obtaining these achievements.
Time to go skag huntin' in Pandora.
Credit for this story goes to Scarey Turtle