The Long Dark 'Deep Forest' Update Detailed

By Joseph C, 2 years ago
The Game Preview Program is still in its infancy on Xbox One.  Currently there are only two titles in the program, Elite: Dangerous and The Long Dark. The latter title has just received a new sandbox-altering update titled the ‘Deep Forest’ update.  Hinterland Games has released a video breaking down some of the changes made to the game’s world with this latest update.

If you’d rather skip to the video for developer commentary on all of the changes, head down to the bottom for viewing pleasure.  Here’s a detailed breakdown of the changes mentioned in the video:

Reticle fade – The reticle fades when not near something you can interact with, enhancing the immersion when exploring open areas.

Upate to warm air/cold air information in the HUD – The warm/cold indicator has been changed to a simple windchill icon to let you know if you’re sheltered from the wind or not, which can affect the effectiveness of camp fires. 

Update to the walk/run mechanic – Most players were just running everywhere, because the additional calorie cost was largely irrelevant.  The developers have removed running entirely, increased base walk speed, and your speed is now affected by the terrain.  Although continuous running has been removed, sprinting still exists, but tires you much faster and must be used sparingly.  It takes a long time to recharge, and you don’t want to be caught in a dangerous situation without sprint stamina.

Changes to fuel – It is now much easier to get the basic fuel for fires, and in Pilgrim and Voyager modes any fire will instantly stop your condition loss from cold status, but in Stalker mode you’ll need to get the fire hot enough to stop condition loss.  The basic fire fuels like sticks and twigs are easy to find but won’t get a fire as hot, while harder to find fuels will burn hotter, and thus will be necessary to seek out in Stalker mode.  You will still need to get the fire hotter than the surrounding temperature in order to regain condition loss, aka warm up, even in the easier two modes.  You can now break down furniture, curtains, and other indoor items to obtain their resources such as cloth and reclaimed wood.

Changes to weather - Weather effects, particularly snow and wind, have had their variability improved and their overall performance and presence optimized further. For instance, wind now changes speed and direction more often.  Also, in Pilgrim and Voyager modes a chance to wake up if your fire goes out while you’re sleeping has been added, although in Stalker mode this chance still does not exist.

Changes to fighting - Wolf struggles remain one of the few instances in the game where you fight anything.   The developers have still chosen to forgo any FPS killing mechanic, electing instead to make fights with wolves survivable, but not without leaving damage to the player.  You can suffer bruises, lacerations, infection risk, blood loss, and even torn clothing as the result of a wolf encounter.  These things will decrease your chances for survival against the elements, and force you to seek remedies to said conditions while braving the world.

Changes to first aid - To counter this increased risk, the first aid system has been overhauled to make it much more user-friendly and navigable for the player.  New injuries and afflictions have been added, and the possibility for multiple occurrences of the same type of condition, such as blood loss, has been incorporated.  Since your supplies may be limited, if you have multiple instances of one type of injury or several different injuries, you’ll have to decide which ones are the most pertinent to your survival and treat the ones you can afford to treat at any given time while you search for more resources.

The Long Dark continues as part of the Game Preview Program, but has no official release window at this time.
Joseph C
Written by Joseph C
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