Halo: Reach Cap Lifted

By dropK1CK ninJA,
So, it looks like you Halo: Reach junkies deserve a huge high-five. You unlocked the 117 million daily and weekly challenges well before the anticipated mid-November date.

Bungie announced today that the level cap has been lifted but don't expect to see the results right away. Bungie says it better than I could.

Good morning! As you may have noticed, we've begun deploying today's hopper update, which among many things unlocks access to new Ranks and Armory items. Which you are all undoubtedly delirious about, if your polite forum responses are any indication. You complete us!

Just a couple of things to clear up:

1. Full deployment may take several hours. When all is said, done, and thoroughly verified, we'll make some more noise on the front page.
2. There is NOT another rank cap in place. Go nuts.
Good job, Spartan.

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