More Tracks Added to Rock Band 4

By Fierce, 2 years ago
New tracks have just been revealed for the already, very loud Last month we were made aware of eleven tracks that would be added to the line-up which featured songs from artists like Aerosmith and Foo Fighters. Now that songs from Rush, System of a Down and Disturbed have been added, we can confirm that you'll likely get a sore neck and stiff fingers from the amount of rock you're going to dish out. Here is a list of the 17 additional tracks that will be included:

· 4 Non Blondes – “What’s Up?”
· The Black Keys – “Fever”
· Disturbed – “Prayer”
· Duck & Cover – “Knock Em Down”
· Eddie Japan – “Albert”
· Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”
· Halestorm – “I Miss The Misery”
· Heart – “Kick It Out”
· Heaven’s Basement – “I Am Electric”
· Lightning Bolt – “Dream Genie”
· Rick Derringer – “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo”
· Rush – “A Passage To Bangkok”
· Scorpions – “No One Like You”
· Slydigs – “Light The Fuse”
· Soul Remnants – “Dead Black (Heart of Ice)”
· System of a Down – “Spiders”
· White Denim – “At Night In Dreams”
To satisfy that inner beat, take a gander at two in-game videos for a drum sequence and the reported setlist:

Recently some groovy new screenshots have also been revealed:
RB4 screenshot 1

RB4 screenshot 2

RB4 screenshot 3

RB4 screenshot 4

RB4 screenshot 5

RB4 screenshot 6

RB4 screenshot 10

RB4 screenshot 8

RB4 screenshot 7

RB4 screenshot 9

Unfortunately Rock Band 4 will not come with a neck brace, but it gets an Xbox One release on October 6th.
Written by Fierce
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