Hi-Rez Studios Announces Paladins

By Lexley Ford, 2 years ago
Hi-Rez Studios, developers of the action MOBA SMITE, have revealed their newest free-to-play game that is currently under development for current generation consoles and have given gamescom attendees the opportunity to play the title at this week's event. Paladins is a team-based first person shooter with strong strategy elements set in a rich fantasy setting.
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Paladins pits teams of players against one another with each combatant entering the battlefield with a primary weapon, a variety of combat and movement abilities, as well as a personal mount that can be used to get players hastily to the next fight. The game also features in-match character progression through the use of decks of collectible cards. These cards can be activated upon levelling up to enhance the characters' strength, defence or utility.

Todd Harris, COO at Hi-Rez Studios, had this to say about the announcement:
We’ve managed to keep Paladins under wraps for over a year now, so the dev team is really  looking forward to receiving feedback from the hands-on demo at gamescom. We’ve focused on making something we find fun and competitive, and soon players will help us craft how Paladins grows from here.
Mick Larkins, senior producer on Paladins, commented:
Paladins has been a passion project of ours from the beginning. We’ve dedicated a separate team from SMITE to work on it, and while we are still early in development, we know we’re crafting something very special. Paladins is extremely quick, with a great deal of depth in how it blends action, tactics, and teamwork, and we’re excited for gamers to start discovering all it has to offer.
A selection of character art for the title was also released.



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Paladins is coming to current generation consoles sometime in 2016.
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