Cobalt Gameplay Trailer and Screens Released

By Keith Gray, 2 years ago
Cobalt is one of the vast number of small titles that fall under the umbrella of the ID@Xbox program. It has been over a year since we witnessed any media for the game, with a developer diary series being the last we've seen of the title. This week, the title is being showcased by joint-publishers, Mojang and Microsoft Studios, at Gamescom 2015 in Germany.


Developed by the team at FatShark, Cobalt is a action-shooter platformer that incorporates plenty of different ways to get around the ensemble of levels. Furthermore, the game will offer six different multiplayer game modes, including capture the flag and team strike. The six multiplayer game modes will be playable across no fewer than 30 maps, with fully customisable weapons and characters to keep the gameplay feeling fresh.

The following trailer and screenshots have been revealed for the title:











You can get more of a feel for the multiplayer modes and other aspects that Cobalt has to offer, courtesy of episodes one, two, three, and four of the previous developer series.

Cobalt is scheduled for release in October 2015 on Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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