Homefront: The Revolution Trailer and Gameplay

By Fierce, 2 years ago
This past March it was reported that Homefront: The Revolution would be delayed due to developer conflicts, resulting in skepticism that we would even be getting our revolution. Those speculations can now be put to rest as Deep Silver has just released a trailer and some gameplay footage to showcase what they've been working.

Enter players into a dystopian America overtaken by KPA forces, a globally dominant Korean corporation. As part of a resistant militia, it will be your duty to aid in the revolution and dismantle the enemy occupiers, one mission at a time. The task will not be easy due to surveillance drones, armored patrols and police violence that plague the outskirts of Philidelphia, the proud birthplace of American independence.

The newest trailer, titled 'Thank you', portentously depicts a young American boy being required to give a speech of gratitude to the Korean leaders while images of revolt take place intermittently.

The gameplay video is a mission taking place in the 'Red Zone' that showcases how players will need to wage guerilla warfare strategy in this war-torn open world in order to get ahead.

You may revolt, but don't resist in taking a look at some of the newest screenshots and artwork that have been released as well:

Homefront TR photo 5

Homefront TR photo 4

Homefront TR photo 3

Homefront TR photo 2

Homefront TR photo 1

Homefront Artwork

The Revolution begins in spring of 2016 on Xbox One.
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